miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

Books and Magazines

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to appear in books and magazines. Here are some examples:

"I'm selected as one of the 200 best digital artist worldwide by Luerzers Magazine.

"I appear at the book Full of Characters, edited by the editorial Satél·lit BCN sharing my work with 100 illustrators from around the world."

My work is published in the first three editions of the books Digital Art Masters of 3DTotal.

Digital Art Masters Volume I
"48 of the Worlds leading digital artist showcase their artworks in Digital Art Masters I. Accompanying each work of art is an artist breakdown of how the piece was created giving an insight into their working techniques. Included in these behind the image details are the stages, elements, layers and processes into creating 2D digital art whilst the asters of 3D share tips and to view some of the finest artwork sithin the world 
of computer graphics."

Digital Art Masters Volume II
"50+ artists from 23 countries use 900 stunning color images to show the best in today's digital art. More than just a gallery - each artist offers insight into how thir image was created."
"With truly the best collection of digital artists, this book stands out from the masses with its elegant layout and explanatory content fit for any artists of any genre or level."
"DAM Vol. 2 offers a unique chance to discover all the "secrets" from the pros in both 2D and 3D, but also stunning digital masterpieces from worldwide renowned artist."

Digital Art Masters Volume III
"Perfect for anyone seeking inspiration and technique ideas, and full of practical tips".

"The book you hold in your hands is an explosive concentration of today's most popular digital artists sharing their techniques and vision in a beautiful and well presented unique package".
"60 artists and more than 900 stunning color images show the best in today's digital art".

Interview at 3D Artist Magazine

"3D Artist talk to a talented toy designer and character artist who admits to thinking about his work 24/7..."

Some of my works and an article about me were published in the UK magazine COMPUTER ARTS PROJECTS, in a special issue about the design of characters.

My robot was the cover of the chinese magazine CGWORLD.  Inside the magazine had published several works and an interview speaking about my work.

Interview at ArtAffair

"Fran Ferriz is a well known graphic designer, industrial designer, illustrator and 3d artist from Spain. Having already worked for companies likes Coca-Cola and Disney. His creativity has no borders and his work is worldly known. Let's get to know Fran Ferriz a bit better"

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